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Nelson Molloy

Crochet a Bag or Basket from Textile Scraps

Crochet a Bag or Basket from Textile Scraps

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 🧶 🧵 Welcome to the Crochet a Bag or Basket Workshop! 🧶 In this friendly, fun workshop, you'll use Nelson Molloy + Chasing Zero fabric scraps (or bring your own) to learn the basics of crochet. We provide all the supplies, including big crochet hooks, and you can even purchase one if you fall in love with the craft. 💕

At the end of the workshop, you'll go home with a handmade bag or basket of your own design. All Nelson Molloy workshops are experimental, so let go and fall into a creative mindset as we enjoy some iced lemon myrtle tea or iced coffee and homemade nibbles. 🍋☕️

This workshop is all about connectivity, intergenerational skill sharing and a circular mindset. Come join us and see what you can create! 🤗

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