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February Remakery Recycling Workshops

February Remakery Recycling Workshops

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Redesign, reinvent or simply alter and mend your favourite garments in the relaxed studio in west end.  

We all have a favourite garment that’s just not quite right anymore or a piece of clothing that you love the fabric but it doesn’t fit anymore or you like one part about it but hate another .

This workshop is about creating the time and space to get some extra love out of these pieces.

The day will start with a chat about what you’d like to make happen and then we’ll spend some time planning.

The workshop is for all skill levels .

It’s a great way to extend the life of your wardrobe, Aquire some new skills and take some time for yourself in a tranquil setting.

The Nelson Molloy studio is located in air-conditioned Vacant Assembly, 1/266 Montague road West End.

Iced lemon myrtle tea and coffee will be served.

All threads, machines and general making utensils will be provided .

This workshop will only ever be a small group of 4-5 which enables all the questions to be asked.

I’ve placed it under the health and wellness category because using your hands to mend or create can relieve the stresses of our busy- ness . It also fosters a sense of achievement which elevates mood.

Oh .. and it’s fun !.. and did we mention, air- conditioned?

(All workshops are held on Saturday's 2-4pm)

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