Your Work is Important

Over the years I have never questioned my ability to 'do ' something. The thought of discovering, researching, practicing and making anything happen has never been overwhelming to me. Until these last few weeks. I like to plan and then tick off the boxes. These plans are multi-faceted and at the end of every day and every week each part is accomplished. As a creative with a lot of ideas flitting in and out the plan is a vital part of running a business. 'The virus' stopped me in my tracks for a bit. My plan was literally shredded and I have some new approaches. I am looking forward to the changes that ensue. Please look out for my Podcast -Chasing Zero -which I will be launching as soon as i set up a space in my studio. I have realised that my work is important and i would like to share more about processes I implement on a daily basis. Hopefully these will help you to tread a little more lightly on out planet.



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